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About My Approach

The world of Pet Nutrition is always changing so I try to stay current & informed through continuous learning. I take available classes, research new industry standards and study available white papers and newly released 3rd party studies. I strive to understand all sides of the story and work to achieve balance through educated & careful discernment.

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Clinical Pet Nutritionist

This Certification allows me to tailer my nutrition services to the lifestyle, health history, and unique biology of each pet in order to optimize wellness, prevent disease, fight disease, properly nourish the body during illness, and to meet goals such as, sports performance, weight loss, or proper natal nutrition using a whole body holistic approach.

Advanced Canine Nutrition

This certification is focused on what we feed dogs today & the negative effects processed diets have on their immune system, health & longevity. It's a focus on the effects of food at a cellular level, where nutrients are used to produce energy, drive metabolic processes and create changes that can have long lasting effects on pet health, good or bad.

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